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Architettura / paesaggio

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  • Reale, Luca (SIMONE S.p.A., 2015-02)
  • Camiz, Alessandro; Özen, Pembe; Alçıcıoğlu, Ceyda; Khafizou, Almira; Khalil, Siepan (EDITORIAL PUBLICACIONS UNIVERSITAT D’ALACANT, 2017)
    The Castle of St. Hilarion, or “chasteau quy a nom Deudamor” (Raynaud, 1887, 45) as it was called in the XIII century, is located on the mountain peak named δίδυμος (double) at the height of 732 m. A first settlement in ...
  • Camiz, Alessandro; Griffo, Marika; Tuğçe Fidan, Fatıma; Khalil, Siepan (EDITORIAL PUBLICACIONS UNIVERSITAT D’ALACANT, 2017)
    A circular stone construction is still visible today within in the old city of Kyrenia, in Northern Cyprus. As far as we know the burg of Kyrenia was already fortified in Byzantine times but during the Longobard war, before ...
    We know very little about an early walled enclosure protecting Nicosia since Byzantine times. Later Henry I in 1211 built a castle to defend the city. Peter I started a complete city wall surrounding the city in 1368 and ...
  • Camiz, Alessandro (Istituto Geografico Miltare, 2016)
    This paper recognises the origin of the current series of praedial place names, through successive transcripts, in the Roman land ownership system of republican and imperial times, experimenting with some methodological ...

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